Growth Marketer POSTED AT 6/7/2018

Are you a Growth Marketer who wants to take your skills to the next level? Does harnessing a niche from top of funnel to retention sound exciting? How about full ownership & trust? Because we need YOU to tell us what to do.

Skilled Growth Marketers are getting scarce these days, so here are some other reasons to join us:

  • You will help to reshape the beauty industry, one of the most opaque and old-fashioned in the world
  • You will get to grow one of the arguably most promising startups in the beauty industry
  • You will get to work and learn from top talented colleagues with various backgrounds
  • You will help to develop a complete growth toolbox that works in any industry

What we are looking for

To be a successful member of the team you have experience working in the digital marketing arena, but product marketing, UX, and/or data science skills will make you a cut above the rest. Many experiments you run have been tried before, so you should be able to:

  • Think on your feet
  • Not be scared of coming up with new ideas
  • Be passionate about finding growth using your area of expertise.
  • Be able to use data gathered from your experiments to draw conclusions.
  • Champion the principles of growth marketing and have a proven implementation track record

At GOODIEBOX we do not settle. We look for the exceptional. You will be tasked with defining optimal customer journeys that maximize each segment’s loyalty, engagement and advocacy and ultimately the lifetime value. You are visionary and a hands-on executor, with the ability to bounce between strategy, execution, and analytics.

Who you are

  • You have a proven track record of successfully scaling up an e-commerce or subscription service
  • 3+ years of experience in Growth or digital marketing
  • Craving for ownership, freedom, and trust
  • Natural born hustler, excited to solve complex problems with innovative solutions
  • Fiercely number driven and obsessed with smashing growth targets
  • You have already championed to work closely with design- and tech teams to implement large-scale growth initiatives and create results

What you know how to do

  • Master and execute growth initiatives as a full-funnel marketer
  • Make data talk through data-analysis tools and user research
  • Drive traffic and awareness to a website through SoMe, E-Mail, and Content Marketing…
  • Translate UX research and findings into CRO experiments improving the conversion rate
  • Create a strong A/B test practice in all marketing efforts by mastering analytics, models, and research to improve marketing effectiveness
  • Getting things done quickly using DIY tools such as Optimize, Hotjar, Autopilot, GA…

How to apply and where to work?

For the right candidate, we are flexible with the location. We have openings in both Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Our hiring process is just like everything else we do: fast and efficient. Apply now and let's chat!

Please send your application and CV to no later than Thursday 1st of November if you are our new Growth Marketer.

Start date: Yesterday…… Seriously… We are growing… ASAP.


GOODIEBOX is an innovative fast-growing beauty company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and with office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Each month, our GOODIEBOX is sent to thousands of members in Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway, made by editors and beauty experts who get what works. We test every beauty product under the sun and are in constant conversation with our members and community.

GOODIEBOX is well funded and has received growth capital from premium investors such as Morten Strunge and the Danish Growth Fund.


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